The Pandemic created situations that were unexpected and unprecedented. Education, on the whole, suffered a lot of setbacks due to the unavailability of resources and adamancy in the education systems. As a result, the world of schooling found its dependency upon the system of Hybrid Learning. The constant surge in infections and the fluctuations in virus waves led institutions to use Online Schooling as an option and replace the conventional education methods. It is difficult to predict the future, and hence, the hybrid schooling system is being constantly used for teaching purposes. 

What is Hybrid Learning? 

As suggested by the name, Hybrid learning is similar to the blended model of education. It is neither completely offline nor online. It is a combined model where there is a choice. This approach allows students to choose if they wish to attend the classes physically or at a distance through the internet. The teaching proceeds simultaneously with a suitable setup. In the blended format, education is in the classroom while there is a provision to go through online activities and homework. The hybrid model is an improved system of the same. This type of education is not only convenient but also flexible and was specifically of most importance during the full swing of the Pandemic. 

Hybrid Learning as an alternative to Offline and Online Learning 

Traditional teaching was all about learning inside a classroom that mostly depended on the learner’s attentiveness quotient and included multiple challenges for students to overcome in terms of distance and exposure. One major issue was the perception of learning which was affected by the unavailability of students in the classroom due to personal reasons. The concept of Hybrid Learning discards this. With increased focus and better exposure to educative resources, the occurrence of the Pandemic tested this education system. The students can get a classroom experience if they want to or simply choose to have one at home. The prime reason for introducing this system post the full-fledged infection waves was the situation in which certain students were patients. 

Advantages of Hybrid Learning to the Schools 

The idea of simultaneous learning would have seemed different and unadaptable prior to the Pandemic, but now it is normalized. It is much accepted to such an extent that the schools are purposely opting for Hybrid Learning. There are various reasons for this, but the primary one is the advantages it allows the institutions to enjoy. They can conveniently avail of the following if they choose to go through with the Hybrid Learning of Education system: 

  • Since the Pandemic was all where all this started, the Hybrid System of learning would definitely prepare the Schools for anything that would create a similar situation in the future. 
  • Teachers can make the classes interactive and interesting by using multiple features and video services to engage the students more and provide them with increased exposure. 
  • The classes will be more fun, but they will also get better in terms of understanding as the Teacher can easily use the web tools to create presentations, videos, examples, etc., for more promising explanations. 
  • Hybrid Learning will allow students living far away from the school premises to continue their studies in homes and miss lesser classes than they used to due to distance issues. 
  • Understanding can be made better with the feature of online classes as the students would get a virtual experience of one on one class. The students could solely concentrate on the Teacher without getting distracted by their classmates. 
  • The education will be easy and much more accessible. With the feature of online classes and the recording, the students opting out of the offline classes can access the recording. The students present physically in the classes can also easily head back to the videos to recheck the points made by their tutor during the class. 
  • The teachers will get a complete record of the students and their performances in the online mode. They can easily monitor the timings, which would create better disciplinary impacts on the learners. 

Advantages of Hybrid Learning to the Students 

There are multiple advantages of Hybrid Learning. This system promotes the digitalization of education and provides much more exposure, and is highly adaptable. The students feel much more comfortable and have increased opportunities to gain education if they have the facility of this system. They can easily avail of the subsequent benefits: 

  • The students can choose to attend the classes from their desired location, making it easier to gain education from a distance and not travel considerably or be physically present in the rooms in unwanted or problematic situations. 
  • As a consequence of the Hybrid Learning option, the number of absentees in the class decreases, which signifies stimulating education. 
  • The students have the privilege to educate themselves in better means and whenever they want to with features such as Video Recordings, a Focused view of the Teacher, and much more. 
  • The students who are under-confident will be much more comfortable using the interactive personal chats to put their queries out there to the teachers and get answers. 
  • With rigid deadlines for submitting assignments, assessments, and other projects, the students will be timely and punctual in their approach to schoolwork. 

In a Nutshell 

The Hybrid Learning method is not only beneficial and convenient but definitely a futuristic approach. With the advancement of technology, there are multiple speculations regarding various web-based learning methods that will be preferred. The schools need to introduce themselves to such software that will make them future-ready and up with all the latest trends. One of such applications is Aplu. Aplu will not only ensure the deliverance of all the aforementioned advantages but furthermore, make them ready for anything and everything. 

Aplu is loaded with features that are compatible with Hybrid Learning and focus on being the best knowledge channel in the upcoming times. The features of online classes have been designed in a way that they are interactive, easier to understand, and convenient to all stakeholders. The technology used will assuredly create a smoothen interface for the Students to communicate with Teachers and get an improved experience of learning in the Hybrid Format. 

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