The world is constantly evolving and with the introduction of internet assistance, there are multiple business and industrial sectors that have improved in efficacy. One of these is the profession of Education. With the availability of web developed services, Educational institutions can perform various functions efficiently and conserve ample time and energy. To smoothen the institutional functions, management applications can be utilised easily. These applications or systems are popularly acknowledged by the name of School ERPs or Enterprise Resource Planning. They are used to perform various management tasks. One of these is the Attendance Management System. Modern Age Attendance is proving to be highly beneficial for the schools that are embracing it.

Read about the advantages that are being provided by the independent systems or modules for attendance below and get a better idea of improvement in the present conventional method of attendance system.

Advantages of Modern Attendance Systems

The attendance systems that are built according to the present educational expectations are highly structured as they aim to conserve the resources for the institution and be more efficient than the standard methods. The schools which are dependent upon such systems or ERPs that include them have definitely noticed a certain amount of betterment in management. The following benefits can be easily availed from the technological techniques by the Schools:

  • Conservation of Time and Energy: The unnecessary steps involved in the marking of attendance in offline modes and then further recording it on the online platforms is time-consuming. This involves wastage of time as well as the energy of the attendance takers. Hence the direct recording and saving of attendees’ data is highly efficient in approach and saves time and energy.
  • Maintenance of a Safe Database: One huge problem with offline maintenance of Attendance data is that is not permanent and has a risk of getting lost or destroyed due to multiple factors. With online mode, the recorded information is stored easily in the database which in turn is secured by various technologies. Specific systems also offer a data backup to keep the data super safe.
  • Calculative Tools make Life easier: Tools such as inbuilt calculators which not only add up data, and calculate percentages but also list them in an analysed manner are very helpful considering that this time-consuming task needs to be performed by the teachers manually. A formulated data is always available to the Users for reference and this easily shortlists the defaulters and the irregular attendees which makes it easier for the authorities to devise solutions to such problems.
  • Reminders and Attendance Notifications: The Modern Age Attendance Systems are well equipped in order to send notifications to the defaulters or inform parents regarding the attendance of their wards. This makes communication better and further improves the presence turnout. Schools are easily able to track bunking activities and further maintain discipline in the institution.
  • Juggling between Online and Offline Modes End: There has been a constant shuffle between online and offline modes of education amid the pandemic. The future is unpredictable and with the education sufferance that the globe has observed in the years hit by the COVID virus, the institutions aim to be completely prepared for any situation in times ahead. Hence, it is crucial for them to include such technologies that keep them ready for everything. The attendance switch was tough to process given the shifting of the class medium. Hence with the technologies, the problem is dismissed as a common channel will be created in order to record attendance.

Aplu and its Modern Age Attendance System

All the advantages that an institution would want to avail of an Attendance System are all included in the Attendance Module of Aplu. It has been curated in a manner that could deliver the aforementioned benefits to the users. The system includes various features to support the requirements and provide much better assistance. It includes the feature of reports that would list all the data in an analysed format. It can not only record the attendance of the students but also the staff members. Anyone looking for such a system must have Aplu for the preference given that the data encryption provided is unmatched and secure.

To know ow more about Aplu, check or just Request a Demo to check how it functions and simplifies school management.